About Us

Ningbo Euro Mould & Plastic Co.,Ltd is a full service plastic mould maker devoted to plastic blow & injection moulds with high precision, tight tolerance, at reasonable price and timely delivery, serving a wide variety of industries, including but not limited to, food packaging, beverage, home appliance, plastic toys, electrical appliances, automotive parts, etc. With our highly trained staff and the state of art production technology, we are able to meet and exceed customer’s expectation.

With proven skills in design and manufacturing of plastic rigid packaging tools, we are able to go from concept to finished product and all the steps in between, providing customers with quality, on time delivery, total value and innovation.

Quality –focusing on providing consistent, reliable and repeatable performance.

Delivery – delivering moulds to our customers in a timely manner to create win-win situation

Total Value—focusing on customers’ need, helping them to reduce the total cost with our expertise in designing, processing and application development 

Innovation--- helping our customers to develop new products, re-engineer existing products to enter new markets, providing them with a true competitive advantage.

Our Mission:

Provide dependable and reliable products at reasonable price to benefit our customers.